Presidents and First Ladies
         1881 - 1977
Presidents and First Ladies
          1789 - 1881
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     Starting in 1991, William and Sue Wills began researching, writing, and performing a series of presentations they called "Presidents and Their First Ladies, dramatically speaking". From 1996 -2011, they toured the east coast and midwest giving over 300 performances a year. Over 30 of those were at the nation's Presidential Museums. As of 2012, they have limited their touring and are performing only in Florida and for special events - marketing shows for retirement comunities, Presidential Museums, and large organizations - all over the USA.
      Enjoy our website, watch our videos, and order some dvds if we cannot perform in your area.
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Learn about Presidents Project, Inc our
501 (c)3 raising money for wounded soldiers.
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       the most unique historical shows
       ever created by just 2 people
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In October 2013, William and Sue raised over $2000 for The Wounded Warrior Project by presenting
all 33 of their shows -250 years of American history -in 5 days ! This was truly a unique feat,
Experience how we did it through this power point display
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