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Our shows on the Presidents and First Ladies from 1789-1881
Click on their picture to see a short video of each couple. Remember you can order the full dvd at our online store.
George and Martha Washington
                                                      Did a marriage of convenience lead to our "First" First couple? If true love wasn't the spark of the marriage, it certainly grew as the years passed and Martha shared the struggles of George first during the revolution then the Presidency
                                               It's hard not to think of our 2nd president without thinking of his wife. She certainly was with him every step of his extraordinary career. Few realize the great sacrifices they made as husband and wife and father and mother to help give birth to this nation.
John and Abigail Adams
                                               James Madison, being shy and soft spoken found the perfect complimentary match in effervescent Dolley. "The Father of the Constitution", James led the nation during the War of 1812, during which the White House was burned.
James and Dolley Madison
                                                     James nearly matched Washington's record of being unanimously chosen President --failing by one electoral vote. Elizabeth had difficulties with her "image" as First Lady, but earlier in performed one of the most courageous deeds attributed to a female of that era.
James and Elizabeth Monroe
                                               You might say what Henry Clay did when he discovered who his opponent would be in 1844 "Who's James Polk?". Yet the United States acquired more land under Polk than any other President and his wife Sarah was the first truly political First Lady.
James and Sarah Polk
                                                      John Quincy & Louisa (the only First Lady born outside of the United States) had a difficult relationship in the first half of their marriage But during JQA's Congressional years, they grew closer and became working partners in regards to the slavery question.
John Quincy and Louisa Adams
                                                    Rachel never served as “First Lady”, but was a “First Lady Elect” because she died between the election of husband and his inauguration. The reason behind her death is what makes this story, although short, a very moving one.
Andrew and Rachel Jackson
                                                   What can you say about a man who was President for only a month and a First Lady who never arrived in Washington? Actually quite a lot relating the events that led up to the Presidency and the poignant story of Mrs. Harrison suffering so many family deaths.
Wm. Henry and Anna Harrison
                                               John and Letitia were married for nearly thirty years and Letitia was First Lady for almost two years. Yet John's second wife, Julia, who ruled the Executive Mansion for only eight months is more remembered for the tradition of playing "Hail to the Chief".
Julia, John, Letitia Tyler
                                                    He was a General who dressed like more like a farmer and had never held political office before the Presidency. Margaret prayed fervently that he would not be elected. His heroics in the Mexican War propelled him into the Presidency.
Zachary and Margaret Taylor
                                                    The rise of the Fillmores to the role of President and First Lady was truly the American Dream come true. Millard, as a young man, was an apprentice and Abigail was a country school teacher. She suddenly died just one month following leaving office.
Millard and Abigail Fillmore
                                                   No President and First Lady assumed office under the auspices of as great a family tragedy than the Pierces. Jane was reluctant in her new role and Franklin endured great hatred following the Presidency due to his opposition to Lincoln's waging war.
Franklin and Jane Pierce
                                                    Their mutual interest in politics attracted them to one another, and their marriage became one of deep, true love for one another, each overlooking the other's negative qualities. No other First Lady suffered as many personal tragedies and public humiliations.
Abraham and Mary Lincoln
                                                    Johnson was the only Southern Senator loyal to the Union, and that brought him to the Vice-Presidency in 1865, which led to his ascent to the Presidency and then death threats and impeachment. Elisa was a strong figure in his life, but always in the background.
Andrew and Eliza Johnson
                                              Julia believed in Ulysses's
greatness when failure seemed to be the only thing he could do. After achieving the Presidency, Grant couldn't escape his propensity for financial disaster. But his autobiography made Julia one of the richest of Presidential widows.
Ulysses and Julia Grant
                                                  The result of the Presidential election of 1876 may have been the most disputed and controversial in history. Yet it brought to the Presidency a husband and wife of high moral and religious standards--and the most educated First Lady to that time.
Rutherford and Lucy Hayes