Our shows on the Presidents and First Ladies from 1881- 1977
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                                                                When Grover took office in 1885, he was the second bachelor elected as President--within 15 months this 49 year old married a 21 year old--a young lady he had helped raise!!! He was the only man to lose reelection than regain the White House.
Grover and Frances Cleveland
                                                                His grandfather had been President of the United States, his father was estranged from him for joining that "radical" Republican party, and theirs was a teenage romance that lasted through 39 years of marriage. Carrie helped establish the DAR.
Benjamin and Caroline Harrison
                                                A Civil War hero marrying the belle of the town seemed to be the formula for a happy life, but the deaths of two young children resulted in Ida needing constant attention. William was a beloved President part of that admiration came from his affection for his wife.
William and Ida McKinley
                                                     Much is known about TR, but few know about the woman married to TR -Edith -the woman who admired "Thee" with all his strengths and faults since they were playmates together at the ages of six and three. Edith oversaw a major White House renovation.
Theodore and Edith Roosevelt
                                                Mrs. Taft wanted to be First Lady since she was a young girl; Bill wanted to be Chief Justice . As rarely occurs in life, both got what they desired. Taft's jovial personality and his relationship with TR are highlighted along with the story of her cherry trees for DC.
William H. and Helen Taft
                                                   A staid college intellectual is how we might think of Woodrow, but he was also a man of great passion and emotion especially in his loving relationships-first with his wife of almost thirty years, Ellen, and his second wife, Edith.
Edith, Woodrow, Ellen Wilson
                                                    With a past that would doom most candidates, Harding won one of the largest landslides in American history 61% to 35%. But Warren had a strong woman behind him in Flossie and was loved by the public. The scandals did not surface until after his death.
Warren and Florence Harding
                                                   Many people think of Hoover and the Great Depression and few know anything about Lou. But their's is a great story of love, partnership, and national and international good works and fame. They both worked tirelessly for the betterment of children.
Herbert and Lou Hoover
                                                       We tend to remember President Franklin and First Lady Eleanor, but sometimes forgotten are the two young people who fell in love and the triumphs and tragedies that led up to 1932. We focus more on this private side and how that effected their public lives.
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt
                                                 From the age of six, Harry loved only one person-Bess. His string of early business failures could not have foretold his rise to the Presidency. Humor, rocky times, human frailties,major decidions and enduring affection combine to make this an endearing tale.
Harry and Bess Truman
                                                   Ike was first a soldier and Mamie was first a wife....the Presidency and the First Ladyship almost seemed secondary. Ike was in office during eight years of peace and prosperity. Mamie epitomized the ideal "50's wife" enjoying her role of being simply "Ike's wife".
Ike and Mamie Eisenhower
                                                    Jack may have been the President who had the most crises one after another--in his Presidency, his marriage, and his own health. Yet, he was still an image of hope. Their relationship changed during the Presidency as did Jackie's approach to being First Lady.
Jack and Jackie Kennedy
                                                      The Johnson's had a "whirlwind courtship". In their married years "Bird" grew into an astute business woman and Lyndon became known as "The Master of the Senate". His administration passed more important legislation in less time than any since FDR.
Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson
                                                  Dick chased Pat Ryan for over two years before she said yes to an over 50 year marriage. She stood by his side as he faced resignation. Behind the image of "Plastic Pat", as the press called her, was a wonderful, loving and tender mother and wife.
Richard and Pat Nixon
                                                     Garfield spent only six months in office and three of them on his deathbed, yet we find the Garfields one of the most interesting and intriguing of Presidential couples. The reason is the unusual and touching story of their personal relationship.
James and Lucretia Garfield
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                                  After deciding he would leave politics in 1977, Jerry found himself the first unelected VP and Pres. His Presidency was a time of healing after Watergate. Betty publicly discussed her breast cancer and addictions; eventually creating a place of healing-The Betty Ford Center.
Jerry and Betty Ford
                                                 Only actor to become President, Reagan's 8 years as President were filled with highlights - the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union, a tremendous economic recovery; problems- the rise of Islamic terrorism, the Iran-Contra affair. He and Nancy had a deep romantic love.
Ronald and Nancy Reagan
                                               "Silent Cal" was Cal's nickname, but he was humorous & witty, and had a meteoric political life. Grace's effervescent personality shone through to the American people -this despite experiencing one of the saddest tragedies to occur to any Presidential couple.
Calvin and Grace Coolidge
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