Presidents and Their First Ladies

Below are the list of shows available. All run approximately an hour in length.

George and Martha Washington

John and Abigail Adams

James and Dolley Madison

The Monroes/The McKinleys

John Q and Louisa Adams

The Jacksons/The Grants

The Harrison/The Tylers

The Polks/The Pierces

The Taylors/The Fillmores

Abe and Mary Lincoln

Andrew and Elisa Johnson

The Hayes/The Garfields

The Harrisons/The Clevelands

Theodore and Edith Roosevelt

William and Nellie Taft

Woodrow, Ellen, Edith Wilson

The Hardings/The Coolidges

Herbert and Lou Hoover

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

Harry and Bess Truman

Ike and Mamie Eisenhower

Jack and Jackie Kennedy

Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson

Richard and Pat Nixon

Gerald and Betty Ford

Ronald and Nancy Reagan